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Notes on Interdimensional Physics---Part ONE

In Electron Spin Resonance changes in spatial electron spins are
utilized by the appilication of magnetic fields. Matter is placed in a high
frequency magnetic field and the energy absorbtion effects peculaiar to the
frequencies typical of a given molecule of matter. Nuclear Electrical
Resonance is purported to influence both the polar and axialSPIN. Polar spin
being directly related to the gravitational field. One source claims that if
a rotating AC field is superimposed on a DC magnetic field there will be an
exponential increase of "negative gravitational energies" at a certain
resonance freuquency. Nuclear Electrical Resonance can occur only with
ultra-high electrical voltage simultaneously with ultra-high AC frequencies.
This critical frequncy maybe what is known as the LARMOR frequency. This
effect would also depend on the electro-magnetic polarization potentiAL  of
the materials used in the process.

  Three spherical condensers are alternately charged and discharged by three
magnetic coils.

    Depolarization(165-55=110) of Matter(77-6=71). 110+71=181. 55 +6=61.
181-61=120. Polar(62) plus Spin(58) equals 120. Interdimensional(181-53=128).
Axis equals 53. Tetrahedron equals 128.

   Physical Hyperspace with an electrical energy flux that flows orthogonal
to three dimensional space(3SPACE). The ORTHOROTATION of this energy flux
requires a four dimensional rotation. Hyperspatial 4-d rotating forms
referrred to as a "resonating electromagnetic field". The form is generated
by rapidly switching electric charge in a specific way among four spheres
located at the vertices of a TETRAHEDRON. There are two modes of rotation
orthogonal to each other: a rotational mode and a precessional, oscillating
"inside out" mode. The projected hyperspatial structure is reffered to some
as a "Klein Bottle".---TETRAHEDRAL PHYSICS.

   Spinning(102) and Magnets(69)---181(INTERDIMENSIONAL).

    Projection(125-44=81). Space is 44.

    Delta T Antenna. Use of Pyramid based geometry in coil building.

    The Delta (time(space)-changing) function.

    Particular type of Antenna Structure. Very Large Octahedronal Antenna.

      Resonating Structures with Freuency Patterns.

     Two coils are placed vertically around the edges of the pyramid
structure(antenna) at 90 degree angles to each other. The third coils
surrounds the base of the antenna. Delta T antenna--the  traNsmitting antenna is typically supplied by three drive's. The source of two of these drives are pulse modulators and are fed into the X and Y coils(AXIS) of the antenna
structure. The third axis was the Z axis(coil) and it is around the perimeter
or base of the antenna and is hooked up to a white noise source powered by a
audio ampilifier typically in the 250 kilowatt range.  The effects of the
antenna are produced by pulsing and powering the antenna.

    Other types of coil structrures--Modular Cube type of structures(164) put
together in various configuration patterns or arrays.

   Pi is the relationship of the diameter of a circle to it's circumference.
Pi over 2 radians per second for magnetic field. Pi over 6 radians for an
electric field. 6 radians for one (360 degree) complete circumnavigation of a

  SPIN(58). AXIS(53). WHEEL(53).

    WHEEL-- a disk or circular frame that turns on a central axis.

      Interlocking a Radio Frequency(RF) field and a Magnetic field at TWO
different rates of rotation with the correct mathematical relationship
between them can produce an interaction with the gravititational field. Two
Counter rotating fields--electric(RF) and magnetic.

   Resonant(106) Rotating Field(104 plus 36 is 140). 140 + 106=246.
Configuration(152) and Pattern(94)--246. Counter-Rotating Energy Fields.

   Delta (pyramidal) configuration. Interlocking of three AC fields each
havng a phase displacemant of 120 degrees from each other. 120 degrees
spatail displacement. Rotating Tetrahedron.

   Zero Time Reference Generator--an oscillator that can be used to drive the

      A coil wound around each half of a ship or other object each driven by
seperate oscillators synced with an adjustable ents use a PHASE ANGLE to
create a SCALAR type wave. This would distort the field matrices of matter
encompassed within this soliton field or electromagnetic KLEIN BOTTLE.

   Some systems have been powerd by 500 kilowatt generators others have been purported to use several megawatts and sometimes even more. Some experiments use a THREE COIL STRUCTURE.  Use of VACUUM TUBES mentioned.

        A relationship between the zero time reference generator and NUCLEAR

   Zero time reference in radar refers to the time reference of the schedule
of events during one CYCLE of operation.

   In a digital microprocessor "circuit" it bwould be called a "clock".
Everything that goes on in that *system* is synced to that CLOCK.

   Pi over 2 series of frequencies -possible INTERDIMENSIONAL WINDOWS.

 In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR)  Pi over 2 refers to a certain PULSE
WIDTH with respect to a reference pulse in one CYCLE of the NMR machines
FIELD CONFIGURATION. T1 and T2 in NMR refers to the "relaxation time" between
two events.

     Nuclear Magnetic Resonace is the effect of a RESONANT ROTATING
FIELD(magnetic or alternating) imposed at right angles to a typically much
larger STATIC field to perturb the orientation of nuclear moments. NMR is
refered to specifically as the study of Nuclear Magnetism in bulk matter and
is acheived through purely electro-magnetic methods.

    Coil in a Building. Large buildings such as the skyscrapers in NEW YORK
or NEW MEXICO could be used as antenna structures. A large building could
house a modular coil-antenna structure. A series of these type of buildings
in a small area could be interconnected via an underground GRID
SYSTEM(conductors) to form a large antenna array. These antenna arrays each located in a specific city could then each themself be interconnected by
another grid system of conductors that networks across NORTH AMERICA.  This massive antenna network or even just a local city-wide network or just onenlarge building serving as a large antenna hooked up to a proper
electromagnetic source coould produce some very powerful and interesting
effects. Maybe the layout plan in WASHINGTON DC is a electromagnetic grid
pattern. THE PENTAgon may even have canceled within it a coil-antenna
structure connected to an EM SOURCE or interconnected to other similar types of structures, DELTA T=62--ANTENNA=69. 62 plus 69=131. PENTAGON(92) plus COIL(39) equals 131. DC  stands for direct current in electronics terminolgy.DC magnetic field.  Also ONE  might want to consider other interesting architectural STRUCTURES(164) such as the old PAN-AM BUILDING in NEW(42) YORK(69). DELTA(42) ANTENNA(69). NEW(42) MEXICO(69). These of course are just a few examples of course.

    Could these antenna structrues be a way to TAP into the EARTH ENERGY GRID and to manipulate it. What is the ENERGY GRID anyway and how does interface with planetary bodies such as the EARTH? Is the ENERGY GRID what gives the earth it's rotational SPIN? Is there also the existence of an ENERGY AXIS? Possibly this energy axis could serve as an INTERDIMENSIONAL LINK.

   STRUCTURES equals 164--47=117. Wavelength. NEW MEXICO equals 111-34=77.
DARK(34) MATTER(77). Delta T Antenna. Delta(42) plus Antenna(69) equals 111.
Electric field equals 111. The "T" could very well be a symbol for
PERPENDICULAR ELECTRIC FIELD's. The letter "T' is also the symbol for a CROSS which was used as a means of execution by the ROMAN EMPIRE . The most famous execution on the CROSS was JESUS CHRIST but the QUESTION remains did it really happen. Maybe it did and maybe it didn't but maybe what many people do not understand is that the BODY(46) of CHRIST(77) superimposed on a CROSS may represent a MODEL(49) for ENERGY(74).  BODY equals 46(40--vowels,6--consonants) and CHRIST equals 77(9--vowels, 68) 40 plus 9=49. 6 plus 68 equals 74. MODEL(49) and ENERGY(74). 49+74 and 46+77 BOTH equal 123. 123 is the numerical value for VIBRATIONAL.

    In the RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) at a Corcovado(96) Peak There is a
colossal statue of JESUS(74)--CHRIST(77) with the figures arms stretched out to form a CROSS(74).  In a HollyWOOD movie in the early 80's referred to as BRAINSTORM(129) there is a segment about 26 minutes in the film where you see this statue of JESUS CHRIST. It appears as if this statue is situated on a BASE that looks like a GUITAR  or stringed instrument from one ANGLE and if it is rotated 180 degrees it looks like a KEY. ENERGY(74)--MATTER(77). Could this statue somehow have occult knowledge about MATTER and ENERGY. The statue of JESUS(74) CHRIST(77) is perpendicualr to this GUITAR(76) or KEY(41). 76 plus 41=117(wavelength). In the movie the camera footage rotates around the statue. It makes it look as if the statue of JESUS(74) CHRIST(77) is turning the KEY. KEY is equal to 41 and so is LOCK. There is also the sound of a guitar or stringed instrument playing in the background. Could the use of HARMONIC ENERGY be the foundation of INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS--which would supercede our own laws of physics--being much more FUNDAMENTAL(111).Maybe the movie BRAIN(44)--STORM(85) is subtly embedded with knowledge that is

The fabric of SPACE(44) *CRISS-CROSS--ED* with networks of energy.

    Guitar is a stringed MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. Vibrating Strings. String
Theory. Resonant Patterns of Vibration.

    Multi Dimensional Energy Spectrum.

     VLA. Very Large Array located in New Mexico. ---Manipulation of
Harmonic(81) Energy(74).

      KNOWLEDGE(96). Y--(TWO)--K. DIMENSIONAL(115) SHIFT(62).

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