I kindly request your economical and spiritual support for my investigations about Time Travel

Call for help...

As an elektronics technician I graduated from a profession high school. I am interested seriously on the subject of Time Travel. My first object is to set up a  Time Travel Institute and an Application Center for Experiment.  

Time Travel Technology provides in seconds transportation between planets. This technology makes possible to build space ships those could move quicker than light velocity. So I request economical help of all people of the world.

Nobody wants to make contributions in a futile idea. But nevertheless all explorations and inventions rests on a long term investigations and projections. Without economical and spiritual support these kinds of investigations and researchs remain in suspense.

Unfortunately in Turkey (Asia Minor or Anatolia) these kinds of investigation are seen futile and to be of no use. I hope people that shows respect for scientific researches makes economical or spiritual contributions to my investigations.

Note: please send me e-mail to inform me about your name, help, quantity of help.I would be happy to receive your help and e-mail. I would like to show online all helps with contributor’s name.


HSBC  Bank  --Denizli Şubesi -Bank Account: 2011013156270


Owner of these accounts: Çetin Bal


Adres: Inanc bey Cad.Manolya Sitesi. C blok- Kat:6/11-Turkiye/Denizli         

Türkiye: +90 536  606 31 83        MSN: cetinbal@hotmail.com     Skype Contacts: User name: cetinbalx

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