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Pleiadian Beamships

During the years, a number of different types of craft have been seen with remarkable experiences. Each has been photographed at one time or another and appears among the numerous photos associated with the witnessed events. Some photos are included in Karinya.


The Pleiadians have many different types of beamships, some of which are capable of interplantary and interdimensional travel. Most of the beamships operating around Earth belong to a specific category of small reconnaissance ships with interplantary capabilities. From 5 to 22.5 meters in diameter, they are able to fly from planet to planet if desired, but also operate within the plantary atmospheres. They provide room for one to seven persons. Among their technical equipment is a device for dimensional and hyperdimensional transitions (jumps) which transports the ship and crew in a twinkling of eye (literally!) through uncountered light years of distance as we understand it. These craft are equipped with an additional propulsion system allowing slower travel at speeds below the speed of light in physical dimensions, as well as artificial gravitation and artificial environmental systems for comfort and ease of travel.

For the time, 1975 - 1998, when the Pleiadians were operating in the Earth area, these ships had a "mother" ship stationed in space not far away. They had about 500 of these different craft, most of which were maintained by Androids. Billy Meier has spent some time on this "mother" ship talking with various Pleiadians. The Pleiadians also had several Earth bases, which have now been returned to their original state. Some of these craft would operate from these Earth bases, none which were visible to Humans.


Variation Type 1 Craft, carries crew of three, has interplantary
capabilities, replaced because of radiation problems

Variation Type 2 Craft, Seven Meter Size Reconnaissance
Ship capable of interplantary travel

Variation Type 3 Craft 21 ft diameter Reconnaissance
Craft with interplantary capabilities

Variation Type 4 Craft carries crew of 3
time travel and interplantary travel capability

Variation Type 5 Craft, Telemeter disc for reconnaissance, remote- controlled, 3.5 - 5 meter versions, place for one crewman, travel limited to planetary atmosphere only.

According to the Pleiadians, "A spacecraft has to be equipped with two different propulsion systems, one for the normal propulsion and another for the hyper- space propulsion method. It is only when time and space ceased to exist that we are capable of traveling through light years of distance in a matter of seconds." "If a spaceship breaks through the barrier of light velocity without reaching hyper-space instantly, a catastrophe is due for ship and crew."

"Our spaceships are protected by a screen of energy which automatically rejects any kind of resistance and every bit of matter. This protective screen is, in fact, identical with the specific gravitional field which we build up around our ships. With this protective screen we are able to neutralize the gravitational field effect of any planet we want to approach."

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Source: UFO... Contact from the Pleiades, Vol.1, Revised Ed.

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