New World Order


 I invite  all spiritualists of the world to the meeting under the ideal of Macro society. The common aim and ultimate end  of every spiritualist of the world should be an ATLANTİS  state.

                                                            Turkey / Denizli   Çetin BAL

                                                                                                                                      ( tr. into eng. by Metin BAL )


    The Flag of Atlantis: Cetin BAL - Copright

The Message

by Çetin BAL

(Translated into english by  Metin BAL )

My commitment is to change the world. The only thing I have for this is the power and might of the  absolute consciousness  concealed  in my words. I address to the sprits those in search of self in the ocean of being called eternity. You're welcome to the three virtues of Macro Philosophy. So that we may construct a passionate society that would fill in infinity (Macro Society).

Three fundamental  values of Macro Philosophy:  

1- Recognition of absolute consciousness

2-  Recognition of reancarnation.

3 - Recognition of endless transformation of spirit


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