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The Creation of the Universe through the 5th and 6th
Fundamental Dimensions of the Vacuum.


                                                                                        Figure #01
                                  Sequential magnification of space till the vacuum energy become visible.


In our first step scrutinizing the simplistic outlines in the process of the creation of life, we need to take a hard look at nothing, or the vacuum of space and the creation of matter/energy. This is best done through the quotation of the 1962 remark by the eminent American theoretical physicist, Professor John Archibald Wheeler who then had this to say about the nature of space, the structure of space, the fabric of space: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics" for which he also came up with the notion of "the space time foam". It is what is known about the composition of this "empty space space time foam" in them simplest of terms which is the subject of this part but the following two dimensional graphic figures #01 to #03 are intended to give an idea of what is being talked about. This is also called "virtual energy of the vacuum" or the "zero negative energy of the vacuum", or the two "virtual positron/negatron poles" that can be made to appear in the vacuum chamber polarization of electrodynamics. In the 6-dimensional QF-theory these poles are given the title: "The Negative and the Positive V-poles of the vacuum," where  the "V" obviously stands for "virtual".


        Figure #02
       Three logarithm 10 scale magnification of space (vacuum)
       until the "space time foam" becomes visible.


Figure #03

It are the V-poles of the vacuum polarization in electrodynamics that takes us the closes to the composite structure of the fabric of space, but these always appear in the negative and the positive manifestations, which corresponds to the fact that when we observe particles pop-out of the vacuum, they always do so in the negative matter and positive antimatter pair configuration and then disappear into the vacuum together. This is what the 6-dimensional QF-theory describes as the twofold vacuum, or twofold fundamental dimensional reality of space, the 5th and the 6th dimension. It is out of these 5th and 6th dimensions which the material Universe and its space emerge, but these two dimensions continue to function as the creation dimensions in their manifestation in the human grain, while they at the same time represent the gravitational properties of the vacuum. The appearance of the V-poles in electrodynamics are graphically presented in figure #04.

Figure #04

The graphical visualization of the positive and negative V-poles in the fabric of space, or the spatial structure in the 6-dimensional QF-theory. The theory considers this space to have existed prior to the creation of our Universe and to currently exist outside of our Universe where it is variable called Meta-space, or Super-space. This is the none-curved Euclidean Space (void of matter) shown in the next two graphics of figures #05 and #06. This space is the one imagined to be the original mother space of our Universe containing the 5th and the 6th dimensions out of whose V-poles everything we know; space, matter, energy and life itself, has come. The expanding space in our Universe also contains the 5th and 6th dimensional V-poles.

Figure #05
The Eucledian space is where all the imaginary 3 dimensional spatial lines intercept each other at right angles. This is timeless space.

Figure #06
Positive/negative QF-theory's V-poles of Eucledian space manifest its time- less twofold 5th/6th dimension reality.

The Extension of the 5th and 6th Fundamental Dimensions of Reality
into the Matter/Energy in the Universe.


In our second step scrutinizing the simplistic outlines in the process of the creation of life,, we need to take a hard look at nothing and its relation to something; matter/energy that is. This has been the biggest headache in theoretical physics ever since Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington failed in his attempt at this in 1944, after trying since 1920 to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. In 1984, when the string theorists were producing their first multi dimensional SUPER STRING claiming Theories of Everything that had resolved this dilemma, the Aquarian, the custodian/author of the 6-dimensional QF-theory, had become aware of the relationship between the Dr. Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel prize discovery of the Functional Programing of the Human Brain and the 1931 published Mathematical Incompleteness Theorem by Dr. Kurt Gödel. The Aquarian had become suspicious that the Dr. Sperry discovery was telling us that the fact that mathematical abilities were only found in the material side of the brain's primary programing (holographic), was the reason for the shortcomings of mathematics described by Dr. Gödel and were the reason for the inability of the mathematical approach to connect quantum mechanics and general relativity and other mathematical problems associated with gravity. It became his conviction that this was not possible and that the extra dimensions employed by the theoretical physicists--in most cases 6 extra dimensions--were just fancy mathematics originated in the Super-symmetry exercises originally initiated by Dr. Theodor Kaluza in 1919 and later extended by Dr. Oscar Klein. The reason for this was the physicists lack of understanding of the human brain's mathematical organization shown us by Dr. Roger Sperry in the late nineteen seventies. In the late November and early December 1984 this had lead the Aquarian to begin attempting to find a spatial-hemispheric solution to this problem, but without success until he would admit to himself that he probably would never be able to gain such an insight and he therefor decided to turn the riddle over to his Higher Power through his meditation. Much to his surprise he would be shown the answer to this riddle in a transcendent premeditation state while crew resting in Fairbanks on the 12th of the 12th (December) 1984. The solution was in the form of the symbolic Venn-mathematical sets into which the twentieth century knowledge of mathematical and experimental physics had been integrated in simplistic symbols and it appeared to satisfy the demand by many physicists as expressed by Professor Steven Weinberg in 1992; “What one needs is a quantum mechanical model with a wave function that describes not only various systems under study but also something representing a conscious observer.” A graphical presentation of the initial Venn-sets shown to the Aquarian are found on the peace-files.com web through the following url: .............
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Figure #07






It was not until in the spring of 1988 that the Aquarian, through an insight verification into how the Venn-set analyzes could explain the creation of the fundamental colors of nature and the reason for only the green mixed-color only appearing in a wide band and not the orange. Through this he became satisfied that he should endeavor to write a book presenting the Venn-set theorizations-- which he by now called the 6-dimensional QF-theory--but this was completed in the year 2000 and published in 2002. A presentation of the book titled THE LITTLE SCROLL, is found on the peace-files.com web through the following url and the sections connected to it: .............


The amusing part of this presentation is that it's format satisfies in details the 1988 demand by Professor Stephen Hawking the:  “If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God.”  Any detailed presentation to the general public of such a complete unification theory, in the terms of formal mathematics, is futile but the 6-dimensional QF-theory can be understood by most everyone who is interested enough.


The conclusive importance of the 6-dimensional QF-theory is in its inclusion of the organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer and it is this which justifies its claim to the title THEORY OF EVERYTHING, but this was not the case of the five, now extinct, SUPER STRING THEORIES claiming to represent a Theory of Everything. It is the consequence of the 6-dimensional QF-theory's inclusion of the organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer, which is the subject of this paper.  

The main physics achievement is the QF-theory's explanation for the gravitational curvature of space of our Universe, which has been growing and expanding with the expansion of its matter/energy contents ever since the Big Bang, but that the gravitationally-curved Riemann Space (Einstein's discovery) of our Universe is expanding with its matter contents. Here the 6-dimensional QF-theory is providing us with the explanation how matter goes about producing the gravitational curvature of space, or what it is in the matter/energy particle/waves which produces the curvature. This is the curved Riemann Space (void of matter) shown in the next two graphics of figures #07 and #08.

Figure #08
The Riemann space is where the imaginary 3 dimensional spatial lines intercept each other at an angle determined by the amount of mass curving it. This is space time.

Figure #09
Positive/negative QF-theory's V-poles of Riemann space manifest the 5th &  6th dimension curvature of gravity.

At this point we need  to go to the QF-theory for the all embracing unification equation at the end of the birth of time--second 10-36--during the Big Bang, or the so called Quantum Wave of the Universe. This is the point in creation that 6-dimensional QF-theory describes the fundamental organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer, or the point which Professor Stephen Hawking is seeking and which he describes thus: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-42 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies." The description is taken from the Part II, Chapter Four of the book THE LITTLE SCROLL, and it shows that the first in the creation of matter is the electron, which represents the Quantum Wave of the Universe, but the QF-theory demands that all Fermions, or matter particles of the Universe--not just the baryons--be composed of a triplicate wave.  In this arrangement for the electron the W-positive and the W-negative waves correspond to the one of the UP-quarks and one of the DOWN-quarks in the baryons and that these waves are an in separable part of the electron particle with  "ghostly action at a distance" connection to all the positive and negative V-poles of the vacuum of all of space. This thus represent the hypothetical graviton which obviously is undetectable independently. Here is the Venn-set graph from the QF-theory showing the graphical logic equation for the electron at the end of the birth of time--second 10-36--and the proton at second 10-6: 

Figure #10    Quantum Wave of the Universe - the electron at the birth of time, or second 10-36.    Figure #11



Figure #12  The completion of the creation of the proton at second 10-6.   Figure #13    

In the 6-dimensional QF-theory the reality of the W-positive and the W-negative waves is found in ALL matter particles where they are a part of the spatial reality needing no "go between force carrier particles (bosons)" to interact with the V-poles in order to produce the gravitational curvature of space--called the geodetic effect in general relativity--owing  to the fact that they are originally made from the V-poles which are in turn situated everywhere around the fundamental particles which in turn produces what is known positive V-poles the "gravitational frame dragging" in general relativity. The QF-theory suggest that the mass in the fundamental particles is originally made from an enormous number of the V-poles. The QF-theory further suggests that the V-poles in turn carry the magnetic and the primary spin properties of the fundamental particles sharing their electric charge properties amongst them selves and the particle's Z-waves in the particle. The suggestions regarding all this can be scrutinized in the THE LITTLE SCROLL publications on the peace-files.com website but what is here the most important part is the 6-dimensional QF-theory's suggestion that Life itself is created through the collective properties of the W-positive and the W-negative waves and their interaction with the spatial V-poles where the particle's positive W-waves interaction with the positive V-poles is guiding and decisive in the creation and maintenance of life. This is our next subject mater in this paper.

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