Intense, experimental instrumentals.


Element 115 invite you to explore... but first some guidelines. The web controls here are in their original alien nomenclature, so you'll have to experiment to discover their specific functions. This reflects the experience of discovery while exploring the music of Element 115.

Drawing from such diverse styles such as ambient, dub, tribal, cinematic, avant-garde and of course rock , the music of Element 115 features a variety of textures such as aboriginal chanting (50,000 Years), hip-hop loops (Kali Yuga), middle-eastern flavorings (Ra Is My Copilot), Indian tones and drones (A Lost Science) and industrial noise (Gravity Hand). Element 115 blends electronic and found sounds with distorted guitar, treated saxophone, and exotic percussion. Guitars and guitar synths, woodwinds and midi wind controllers, real and artificial percussion all trade places and turn the listener's point of view inside out.

NOTE: the RealAudio (RA) files listed below allow you to audition the entire selected piece.

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The element 115 belongs to the Actinide Metals family and has an atomic weight of 296. The parentheses indicate that all isotopes of the element are unstable (i.e. radioactive). To the left is the quantum structure showing the number of electrons from the inner to the outer orbit. The low number of electrons in the outer orbit is characteristic of an unstable element as the nucleus is unable to hold the electrons in the outmost shell. Therefore these electrons are more easily prone to escape, and will try to bind with other elements.

According to Bob Lazar, element 115 is the substance used in the construction of alien spacecraft. Bob allegedly worked on such craft at the military's Area 51 complex near Groom Lake, Nevada. Keep in mind that all of the preceding information is classified, and of course- theoretical...



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