new HDR

Built by inventor Steven Gibbs

HDR for iventor Steven Gibbs 2009 model

The above picture is the new 2009 model from Steven Gibbs. There are many changes to the 2009 model from the old 2001 model that I have. Pictures of the old model can be found in HDRusers website. This new Hyper Dimensional Resonator - HDR fom inventor Steven Gibbs is supposed to have a bigger more powerful electromagnet than the older model. The new electromagnet has permaseal tape 21' gauge copper magnet wire and it those not get as hot and generates a more powerful field.

Steven Gibbs also improved the HDR caduceus coil to make it more powerful and it uses different components, but he says that the frequency generated is still the same in the new unit. I use the new HDR with a double terminated quartz crystal in the witness well and a barium oxide bar magnet attached to the electromagnet.

See a video of the new hyper dimensional resonator in action as it can cause a watch to move very fast when it is turned on. It appears to distort time waves.


The phenolic rubbing plate is very smooth and gives me a good stick reaction when I use it for astral time travel. The first hyper dimensional resonator was built by the inventor in 1985, mine is one of the latest improved models. All in all happy to have obtained a new HDR.

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