Keely's Difficulty
Keely's Machines
Keely's Secret
Translating Keely
Unlimited Energy
Following in the Foosteps of Keely
The Young Keely
The Intervening Years
Events leading up to the Dissociation of Water
Aqueous Disintegration
The Nature of Sound
Keely's fabled Vibratory Microscope
Water, its Structure and its Isotopologues
Keely's Theories Part One
Keely's Theories Part Two
Comments on Keely's Theories
Keely Explains his Motor
Keely's System of Graduation
Keely's "Fraud"
Keely's Use of Thirds
The Scale of B-flat and its Importance
The Role of Acoustic Feedback in Keely's Machines
Keely and Theosophy
What Happened to Keely's Work
Cymatics, a Way of Looking at Wave Propagation

To be published as soon as I can:

The Role of the Operator
The Ultrasonic Horn
Cold Fusion
Examining Keely's Machines
Design of a Keely Device using Modern Technology

and a lot more, when I have the chance.

Where do we go from here


Harmonics, what they are (unfinished)
Enharmonic and Microtonal Scales
A short Biography of Keely
Keely's Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Scale of the Forces in Octaves
Chapter X of The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky