A bit about myself.

I was born in 1939 in a small rural town in Germany. My family was not wealthy, though we were not poor by any stretch of the imagination. I hold a degree in mechanical engineering, majoring in physics. I do not want to give my credentials here, judge me by my work, not by what you think my professional status might be.

Now retired, I live in Sydney, Australia, where I have been for many years

In the early 1970's I read Clara Bloomfield Moore's book about Keely. I was instantly intrigued. The various accounts of Keely and his achievements seemed to be full of contradictions.

On one hand he appears to be some metaphysical dreamer, yet the machines he built and the methodical thoroughness with which he conducted his experiments belie this.

Having read much of Clara Bloomfield Moore's writings she strikes me as a silly woman with too much education and too much money, incapable of having an original thought of her own, the type that Helena Blavatsky cultivated and filled with her peculiar brand of metaphysical crap.

To get to know Keely as a man and technician meant I had to bypass much of her account and rely on things he said and on the evidence provided by a number of photographs of his devices, as well as contemporary newspaper articles.

Having a reasonable grounding in technical and scientific subjects as well as musical theory I judged the man as an honest researcher trying to come to grips with problems and phenomena well outside the scientific understanding of his time and having to work with comparatively primitive research instruments barely suitable for the task he had set himself.

That he achieved something at all is staggering.

But did he?

Keely built a bewildering array of massive machines with almost unbelievable precision. He demonstrated his devices in his laboratory and on exhibitions repeatedly. No-one understood how they worked, and his explanations, couched in an obscure terminology, only helped to spread the confusion.

History has labelled him a fraud, though he was never caught doing anything fraudulent.

I have endeavoured to look at his machines in the light of today's understanding of science, paying scant attention to his theories and his metaphysical model.

Working mainly with photographs and descriptions of his machines, his stated observations of unexplained phenomena and his account of technical difficulties met on the way, I have come up with some startling revelations that seem to indicate that Keely's technology is real.

I leave it for you to judge.

The following paper is still very much work in progress and there is much to be done yet. Any comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

But no more talk.

Here it is.

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