More Inept Fun from Tinfoil Hat Timmy - September 2, 2004
(Also See Perrault's NuScam Bait and Switch)

Ah, so many enemies, ALWAYS people who are ticked off because KeelyNet or I will not promote their delusions and bogus claims for them, so they make up lies and erroneous statements trying to stir up mischief.

I note Tim Harwood's idiotic and completely untrue 'review' has been associated with KeelyNet so decided I'll have to respond to those who can't seem to do research to get the FACTS on their own.

First, check out Harwoods associates at NuSCAM to see what kind of character he is. One who names the 'Harwood Effect' after himself...nothing naming nothing. And lets not forget him claiming online to be hearing 'voices in his head' which is why we suggested he try a tinfoil hat.

Here is what Harwood wrote, posted and refused to sign though it is characteristic of his 'style';

Indebted to Cheyenne Turner of 'Eclectic Viewpoint', June 15, 2004

Reviewer: A customer

Keelynet started out as a text file based bbs system in the late 1980s, and a considerable archive of files were quickly accumulated, which formed the subsequent basis for the development of the Keelynet brand. In 1995 Keelynet moved off its old bbs system, and embraced the brave new world of the internet. Limited use was made of the graphical possibilities offered by the web, but this change opened up the Keelynet brand for the first time to a truly global audience. The failure to make use of multimedia formats such a low bit rate audio interviews, remains a puzzling and ongoing omission of the website.


In fact, as clearly stated HERE, KeelyNet CHOSE NOT to use pop and flash (graphics and animations). These I viewed as a distraction solely for the benefit of people seeking ENTERTAINMENT and which would not be inline with the sharing and networking of information for serious researchers. The KeelyNet name was global thanks to Bill Beaty posting all our files which were mirrored on many sites long before ever came to the web. Use of the word 'puzzling' applies only to those seeking to dazzle with lies and claims rather than deal with truth, FACTS and clearly stated theories.

The enormous content advantage Keelynet had, and that fact that Jerry Decker was genuinely passionate about alternative matters, rapidly ensured that Keelynet became the center of the free energy universe. In fact, it was pretty much the only game in town, and as one of the early websites with a sizable and loyal group of followers, the Keelynet brand quickly became an internationally recognized trademark. During the heady days of the internet madness it is rumored Decker was made several multi million dollar offers for the url, which he always made a great show of declining. Of course, post dot com bust, the offers dried up.


Jerry Decker REMAINS passionate about the goals of KeelyNet which was NEVER viewed as the center of the free energy universe, though the deluded and envious might have thought so, we never claimed anything like that. There were many 'games' (alternative science BBSes preceded by many years of magazines, newsletters, conferences and the work of many other researchers) all over the world. The KeelyNet primary difference was it was FOCUSED on Free Energy, Gravity Control and Electronic Health methods with related subjects. We did NOT go into nor did we allow UFOs (lights in the sky, abductions, ad nauseum), Politics, Conspiracy or far out New Age information to dilute our focus. Jerry Decker was never offered a cent by anyone to buy out KeelyNet. Those who KNOW ME would know if someone offered even ONE MILLION dollars for KeelyNet, I'd sell it in a heartbeat, start something else and FUND REAL RESEARCH. Its JUST A NAME...DUH! Alas, this 'rumor' is purely gossip dreamed up by one of the dried up and brain damaged, but while we are on the subject, make me an offer, I'll sell it for one million (LOL), then or now.

As a matter of historical interest, keelynet of course grew out of Cheyenne Turner's 'Eclectic Viewpoint' group in the Dallas area, and her sad death in 1998 was a blow. Decker said of her, "Cheyenne has been a major fountain of inspiration and source of information with her Eclectic Viewpoint activities. She is a major light on the scene, and has begun many careers and opened many peoples' eyes to things most never become aware of." Worse still was the manner in which Cheyenne died, with her bone cancer a constant source of excruciating pain, while lung cancer slowly killed here, making her gasp for breath over even the smallest of exertions.


As a matter of FACT, it was I who suggested back in early 1990 to my very close friend Cheyenne Turner that she stop selling encyclopedias and start a 'speakers bureau', loaned her over $1,000 with other friends also loaning her money to get it started, which she paid back within a couple of months. Cheyennes history began with getting involved with Mufon Metroplex of which I preceded her as President for one year, accepting the position from key founders and supporters Ron and Kay West who took up the mantle from University Math professor Robert Davis. It was through her contacts via Mufon that inspired the idea for a speakers bureau, then a monthly, later bimonthly meeting now known as Eclectic Viewpoint. KeelyNet was created long before any of Cheyennes activities or creation of the Eclectic Viewpoint and if she were still alive she'd be livid about this disinformation from one who is too simple and lazy to check out the true histories...I take it as a cheap and underhanded shot to use her for such a stupid and ill informed 3rd and Nth hand (repeated and fantasized, no FACTS) post on the net, but thats how these people live, breath and work. The writer of this has NO CLUE as to what he is talking about as I, Decker was THERE and close friends with Cheyenne since 1986.

Watching her die was said to have broken the heart of many of her friends, including Decker, and probably other members of the Keelynet inner circle. The near daily updates we were used to at one point came to an end, and the modern Keelynet seems more interested in page views and rankings, than the old fashioned pursuit of the 'eclectic viewpoint,' for its own sake. So while the wonderful archives remain, I can not help but feel the spirit has passed on, and Keelynet is a tribute to something that is past, rather than a waypost to what is to come.


It 'was said', more rumors and useless gossip. Updates didn't come to an end, they were clearly stated to be more efficient to be posted to a DISCUSSION LIST which has remained active with nearly 600 members and many more who read this public archive rather than subscribe. Lets clear that up, KeelyNet PRECEDED the Eclectic Viewpoint by many years having originated in 1988 and IN FACT inspired and helped to make Eclectic Viewpoint a reality. The 'spirit' and ramrod of KeelyNet remains and activities are ongoing which have yet to make the global changes intended from its inception and continuing to this day. The FACTS can be checked by consulting many friends of Decker who reside in the Dallas area and other parts of the USA. Read the many posted emails to find out just how many and who they are. But that kind of research would require effort and diligence, so it just won't happen as the frauds, the deluded and the con artists prefer to generate 'ad hominem attacks' and dream up erroneous statements quoting untraceable, imaginary 'sources' such as 'it was said', 'it is rumored' and by not SIGNING or identifying who they are. Not that it matters, liars, frauds, the deluded and con artists tend to gravitate to each other....technically a 'strange attractor', but if you do your homework, you'll find most of this 'review' to be pure fantasy where the facts are easy to check.

Even a fool who visits can easily lookup and read about KeelyNet as clearly posted at The History of KeelyNet. I must really update it now after nearly 5 years and will get to that soon.

Alas, no one seems to try to find out FACTS, especially when they have an axe to grind.

Remember two things, 'Ye shall know them by their works,' and 'Where's the BEEF (for people who make unending unproven/unproveable claims)?

For more on the kind of problems the liars, losers and conmen try to generate, check out Primer for Skeptics and Attackers.

If you have useful comments about this file, feel free to write me at Jerry Decker.