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David Thomson and Jim Bourassa at PIRT 2006 conference in London, UK.


Infinite Energy Magazine published our paper, A New Foundation for Physics in issue 69 (September/October 2006).

Aether Physics Model

The Aether Physics Model describes the quantum structure of the Universe as opposed the Standard Model, which describes its quantum mechanics.  

In February, 2002, David Thomson discovered the Aether Physics Model. Jim Bourassa was seeking a mathematical basis for his Planck-scale Aether hypothesis. They decided to join their research, resources, and talents to fully develop the model, and incorporated the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute in 2003, with David Thomson as Science Director, and Jim Bourassa as Executive Director. Since then, their combined efforts have produced substantial progress in the quantum field, and they are poised to create the next major revolution in physics. 

David Thomson and Jim Bourassa presented the Aether Physics Model (white paper) before the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT 2006) conference in London (image above), the SSE 2007 annual conference, and to private groups of interested scientists.  Their white paper has also appeared in Infinite Energy Magazine in issue 69 (September/October 2006).

We have succeeded in developing the electron binding energy equation for the 1s orbitals.  This is a significant breakthrough and demonstrates the Aether Physics Model not only describes quantum structure, but also describes quantum mechanics not covered in the Standard Model.  The new electron binding energy equation is also presented in the Third Edition of Secrets of the Aether.

Our most recent empirical research is in detecting magnetic flux waves (AKA gravitational waves) with our new Magnetic Scalar Wave detector.  The evidence is rapidly mounting in favor of our success as the data continues to show a clear correlation between magnetic flux waves and gamma ray bursts.

About our book...

Secrets of the Aether

As an adjunct to Quantum Mechanics, this book is a foundational introduction to the mathematical Aether Physics Model. This model provides new insights to quantum physical structures not presently solved by the Standard Model (a Unified Force Theory, for example.) We present a coherent, mathematically derived, and empirically based theory of quantum reality. Important equations can be followed with a basic understanding of algebra. A single theory of angular momentum, encapsulated by a quantum Aether unit, explains the structure of quantum existence.

The ontology of the APM begins with the proper understanding of dimensions and measurements and the understanding that Aether (a quantum rotating magnetic field) is equally as important as the matter that resides within it.  From here, we can derive the force that gives birth to the Aether and maintains the existence of subatomic particles.  The theory implies the Aether has the qualities of reciprocal mass and charge in addition to the dimensions of length and time. Aether is also the source of curved geometry as expressed by Albert Einstein in his General Relativity Theory.  Albert Einstein wrote a paper, which describes the Aether as a magnetic field.

The Aether Physics Model provides a new system of quantum measurements units, and is thoroughly explained and quantified in the text.  The quantum measurements base upon quantum length (Compton wavelength), quantum frequency (speed of light divided by Compton wavelength), quantum masses (electron and proton masses), quantum charges (both electrostatic and electromagnetic charges), and the spherical constant (4p). 

In the Aether Physics Model, quantum constants offer a new analysis tool for examining quantum processes.  Each equation thus has real meaning for the real world.  One important new constant from the Aether Physics Model is the derived conductance constant of the Aether, which is essential for calculating and understanding the nature of strong charge (electromagnetic charge).

The Aether Physics Model arose while David Thomson was investigating the work of Nikola Tesla.  While testing Tesla coils, he noticed there were two distinct different manifestations of charges.  After searching the existing scientific literature in vain for an explanation, he decided to re-examine the foundations of physics.  Within three weeks he discovered a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory.  

After setting up a lab in his home he set out to test some of his theories.  Secrets of the Aether documents these experiments and provides the extensive, yet simple mathematics comprising the theory.  At the core of his discovery is the observation that all charge is distributed.  This leads to new fundamental physics insights, which the reader will find enlightening.

Our fundamental science papers are listed below:

Foundation Paper

Unified Force Theory Paper

Electron Binding Energy Paper

Read the papers, read the book, and join us on the SoftAether group to discuss the ideas.

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